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Evaluating a person based on their colour is today linked to racism and banned in most countries but looking back in history you would be surprised to find many mixed race individuals who gained immense popularity. Being black of mixed race has considered a major benefit in some nations where as… –


Top 10 Advantages Of Hostel Life

Posted: February 20, 2014 in BiggOne
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Hostel is place where we live by our own far away from our homes usually to sake knowledge and supervised by the administration. It is self-budgeted place provides student a sociable place to live. Hostel encourages more interaction of students due to shared rooms and communal areas like… –

Every evening the news informs us that we live in a dangerous world. However, that is no reason not to go and see it yourself. Many countries have their good points, even in the dangerous times. But crimes and hunger for power and money etc has now left no part of the world untouched. Usually a… –

Living costs money. This is a fact of life it is impossible to get away from. However, living in some places costs a good deal more than living in other places. So that you know how to avoid spending more than you need to, here’s a list of the 10 cities with most expensive living in 2013.
As e… –

With a world on the seesaw of economic troubles it’s now more than ever a time to look at how to manage money. The good old days of easy credit are gone for now and people find themselves working far harder to earn income. Businesses too have to downsize and try new ways of generating capital… –