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Engineers are among the best paid professionals on today’s job market. If you are considering an engineering degree, then this article is for you – we have built a list of America’s 10 Best Engineering Universities – 2013

10. University of Michigan – Ann Arbor

University of Michi… –


According to the recent surveys below are the top 10 most populated states in America – 2013


10 – North Carolina.
North Carolina is located just below the middle Atlantic states on the east coast of the United States. At present the state has approximately 9.8 million people. T… –

Sneakers are cool and trendy. But are you sure you know what the most stylish ones are? How about the most comfortable ones? This article will show you our recommendations for the top 10 best sneakers for men in 2013.


10. Stamina Nuovo Sneaker by Sketchers

This casual… –

Top 10 Most Expensive Movies

Posted: November 27, 2013 in BiggOne

Hollywood is known to make big budgeted films with heavy productions and star studded casts. Many of the films actual production costs are hard to determine because Hollywood accounting is done secretively and it is something considered not to be a matter of public record. But some of the films… –

Long days and short nights, blazing hot sun, vacations, plenty of time to yourself and fruits are just some perks of summers. Take a dive into the pool, relax on the garden chair, take a deep breath and let the fragrance of the beautiful flowers enrich your heart. This is what summer is all… –

It’s a very common misconception that in order to purchase quality home theater projector, a large sum of money is required. Thanks to constantly evolving technology, video projector prices have diminished quite a lot over the last few years. It is now possible to find high quality devices that a… –

Mother’s Day is probably the one holiday you just can’t miss. Given that, throughout recorded history the tributes to mom have been scribed by both sage and songwriter. From ancient Greece to today’s pop songs, you’ll find there’s no shortage of Mother’s Day quotes. Here are some to take a look… –